Are You Lacking A Digital Marketing Strategy That Is Delivering Real Results?

Research has shown that shockingly—or not shockingly depending on who you ask—most small businesses don’t have a digital marketing strategy. They might have a website, some social media accounts, but don’t have a clear path forward on how to fully maximize the web to hit their target goals.

Why Do I Need Strategy?

Having a well researched and planned strategy is what separates a basic commodity, template based system, from one that will add real value to your business.

With a laser focused strategy in place, you will: 

  • Have a clear plan to follow to gain new customers or build deeper relationships with your existing ones
  • Exploit the weaknesses of your competitors and get and edge up on them
  • Stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work
  • Fully understand which digital channels work the best for your business
  • Realize a higher return on investment and most importantly, bring in more revenue

How We’ll Help You Knock It Out Of The Park

We love to follow the simple and effective RACE framework. We know what you’re thinking— ugh, more jargon filled tech buzzwords, great. We generally don’t get caught up in these but this is simple and to the point. We’ll work closely with you to create a custom plan for each step that reflects what your business needs to excel at your goals. 


This involves building awareness of your brand, services and products to your target audience on other websites, social media, search engines and offline media. You might sometimes hear it referred to as inbound marketing. It boils down to driving users to your site who are interested in your services.


Encouraging interactions on websites and in social media to generate leads is a big challenge for small businesses. This stage is about persuading website visitors or prospects take the next step and act on their journey when they reach your website or social network profile.


This is the conversion from lead to sale. The action that gets them into a paying customer, or depending on your goal, could be having them sign up to your newsletter, or fill out a contact form on your website.


This step is about developing a long-term relationship with your customers to create loyalty, repeat purchases and recommendations through word of mouth by using communications on your website, social media profiles, email and direct interactions.

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