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Mike Fournier had been working in the fence building industry for many years before taking the leap of faith and going off to start his own company. He came to us with one of our favourite projects to undertake—to build a new brand from the start and implement a website that would drive many new leads to his new business.

Being a brand new business, he didn’t have a built up list of past customers and referrals coming in, so having a website to accomplish this was a very critical piece of the puzzle and was needed to kick the business off. Now Mike’s expertise isn’t in the web field and he’ll be the first to admit he isn’t the most technology adept person, so he was cautiously optimistic about what type of results he would get since this was his first foray into having a website built. In the modern world we live in, he knew having a website was a necessity and was willing to invest fully into the commitment because without being able to reach potential customers, his business wouldn’t last.

After finishing all the research and getting our visions in sync with Mike, we built the brand first—logo, business cards and numerous other stationery items. With this in hand, we moved on to building the website. We started by doing keyword research on Google. We checked to see what his potential customers are searching for and how they’re searching for it. This helps us plan out the website—the pages we’ll create, and the content we need to write to assure the website will be visible in search results.

The Fence Guy Website iPhone ViewThe results were a fantastic success and Mike was more than thrilled with the results. He was actually even a bit surprised at how effective the website was performing and the amount of leads he was getting. At one point, he was booking 2 months ahead for jobs because of the sheer amount of calls/emails he was getting through the website.

His website was appearing at the top or near the top for numerous highly targeted Google searches where potential leads were very interested in working with a company like his. One customer actually even told him during her research of potential companies to use, what won her over and made her pick his company, was the website and some of the copy written on the site. Needless to say, that always makes us feel good to hear raving testimonials like that.

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